Addiction Professionals - Training Institute, LLC
10 Hour Courses = $40 each

Family Recovery Series - Couples Counseling
Family Recovery Series - Fatherlessness
Family Recovery Series - Parenting Styles
Family Recovery Series - What is a Functional Family

Dual Diagnosis Series - Addiction and Anxiety
Dual Diagnosis Series - Addiction and Depression
Dual Diagnosis Series - Addiction  and Personality Disorder
Dual Diagnosis Series - Addiction and Trauma

Addiction effects on Learning and Memory 
Substance Abuse in Higher Education
Trauma Informed Care and the Substance Abuser

Work and Money in Recovery
Understanding why 12 steps work
Food and Health in Recovery
Fun and Leisure as Relapse Prevention
Suboxone: Friend or Foe
Sex love and Relationships in Recovery
Anger in Recovery
Role of Spirituality in Recovery
Dysfunctional Relationships

Understanding Client Argument Styles
Evidence Based Practice
Opiate Crisis
Family Systems Model

8 Hour Courses= $35
Reflective Practice in Supervision
Ethics of Self Care
CCS Supervision

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